1. New Server spin-up – This includes the following:
    1. New VPS created on Digital Ocean with new SSH Keys for Admin user.
    2. VPS DNS, MX records created using domain you supply. The name servers for this domain must be changed to point to name servers of
    3. LAMP stack installed with basic configurations
    4. Virtual hosts created and security certificates installed from Lets Encrypt
    5. Mail server Installed and configured
    6. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configured.
    7. Moodle and main plugins installed and configured.
    8. WordPress public site and WordPress multi-site for intranet installed.
    9. WordPress LTI plugin configured for Intranet
    10. LDAP directory setup and configured and mapped to Google using GCDS tool if applicable.
    11. Basic categories and courses setup including courses that come free with package such as some math and physics courses as well as courses containing FAQ of administering SriToni system.
  2. Initial Setup and Training
    1. Setup basic courses and categories
    2. Setup basic cohorts
    3. Train admins on uploading of users
    4. Train admin and teachers on how to use total system for typical use cases such as: Communicate, add content, setup assignments and quizzes, distribute reports, setup payments, etc.
  3. Advanced training (optional, not included s part of initial setup:
    1. Get deeper into content creation methodologies
    2. Typical ‘flows’ encountered in school such as: New enrollments, users leaving school, Leave management system, etc.
    3. Taking regular backups of servers