Graphic Design

  • Logo design
  •  Poster design
  • Brochures (print and electronic)
  • Books (print and electronic)

Short Films

School Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide integrated services that include server setup and management, and LMS setup, management and administration. We have selected

  • Moodle as the software to serve LMS requirements. We are experts in the use of Moodle for this purpose.
  • Moodle Installation on VPS
  • VPS and Moodle Maintenance
  • Moodle Administration
  • Moodle Training
  • Moodle Customisation
  • Content Creation


We provide integrated services that include server setup and management, and CMS (Content Management System) platform  setup, management and administration. We have selected WordPress as the software to serve CMS requirements. We are experts in the use of WordPress for this purpose.

  • Create websites using WordPress.
  • Integrate WooCommerce and gateways compatible with WooCommerce into WordPress.
  • Manage updates and troubleshoot problems.

Single-Sign-On access of WordPress from Moodle (using LTI)

  • Create WordPress Intranet sites accessible from within Moodle
  • Secure payments from Moodle via WordPress Intranet using Woocommerce and compatible payment gateways of your choice.


  • Set up  Virtual Private Server(s) (VPS) hosted by Digital Ocean
  • LAMP stack and CSF firewall, SSH login using private key
  • (Optional) installation of WordPress / Moodle platforms and associated plugins.
  • Setup SSL certificates for secure website. Secure setup for outgoing mail using SPF and DKIM and TLS encrption.
  • Management of all updates and troubleshoot problems.

Administration of Google G-Suite, Offiice 365 Education

LDAP setup and synchronization from Moodle

LDAP based automatic provisioning of G-Suite and O365 accounts